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Francis Fecteau at Libation SLC

Francis Fecteau at Libation SLC

“It was either wine or prison. I chose wine."

Tune into our latest episode to hear the backstory on THAT comment, as well as the full skinny on one of the characters most integral to the food and beverage world in Utah - Francis Fecteau. Francis is the owner of Libation SLC, a wine and spirits brokerage “specializing in program development, industry training and consumer education”.

If you work in the restaurants or bars around Salt Lake City, you probably already know Francis. For the rest of you, you really do need to take a moment to listen to this guy tell his story. If the only thing you get out of this episode is a great new instagram follow (it is great, and that won’t be the only thing you get), then we’ll feel OK about life.

Like every good wine broker, Francis is a sucker for the story. So we spent a few hours drinking Mezcal at the AC Lounge and hearing a whole bunch of those. Tune in and we think you’ll enjoy the stories and opinions of Francis Fecteau as much as we did.

Show Notes:

Libation SLC website and Instagram

Episode recorded at the AC Lounge, 225 W 200 S in SLC

This episode was fueled by Wahaka Mezcal and Ransom Spirits

All music provided by Broke for Free

Shades Brewing

Shades Brewing