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Waterpocket Distillery

Waterpocket Distillery

We sat down with Alan Scott, co-founder at Waterpocket Distillery, to hear how his passion for rediscovering lost and forgotten spirits has led him and his his wife to create Waterpocket.  Alan told us about his dramatic career change that started it all, his desire to introduce new flavors to his customers and his passion for reviving 'lost' recipes.  If you've never explored the world of Amaros, Digestifs or Kümmels - you're in for a treat.  This episode is best enjoyed with a taste of Waterpocket Notom in hand, but if you're not convinced yet then have a listen and we think you'll be on board by the end.

Episode Notes:

Learn more about Waterpocket at their website.

Establishments mentioned in this episode: UnderCurrent, Copper Common, White Horse, Water Witch, Bar X

All music provided by Broke for Free

And, as promised, here's Max's Grapefruit Notom-Mezcal Cocktail Recipe:

10 PTS Ginger Beer

8 PTS Waterpocket Notom Amaro

4 PTS Mezcal

4 PTS Honey Simple Syrup

2 PTS Lemon Juice

2 PTS Grapefruit Juice

Bonus Live Event: Jim Santangelo at Creek Tea

Bonus Live Event: Jim Santangelo at Creek Tea

Terrestoria #wineforUtah

Terrestoria #wineforUtah