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Beehive Distilling

Beehive Distilling

We sat with Chris Barlow, one of the founders of Beehive Distilling, to hear an unfiltered story on how the distillery certainly didn’t start in the garage of the founders on what most definitely was not a homemade still. We covered the state of distilling in Utah and enjoyed Chris’ take as one of the very first distillers to begin making spirits in the Beehive State.

We recorded at the under-construction Beehive Distillery Headquarters, in the shadow of the original tarnished Beehive Still and the beautiful newer addition (which Chris was eager to see accumulating a worn patina to match its smaller, older sibling). This episode captures everything we hope for in a Utah Grape and Grain interview - we hope you’ll enjoy it, preferably with a barrel-aged gin in your hand.

Show Notes:

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Find Beehive Distilling on the web, Facebook or Instagram.

Or pay them a visit at 2245 S W Temple, South Salt Lake, UT 84115

All music provided by Broke for Free

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